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Meet our students

Welcome to the Jonathan Grant High School's website.
We are committed to providing quality education for all students
in order to prepare them for the world of work. Let me congratulate                                       
those past students who have achieved success and are now in a position
to assist others to achieve. Thank you all for your involvement
and support in creating this website.

On this website we will provide information that will be of benefit
to students, parents and the larger community. From this website
you will be given an understanding of the philosophy that drives
the programmes of the school, the Calendar of Events and the achievements
of the students.

This website will be used as a means of communicating all important
information about the school, and highlighting the excellent programmes
and achievements that the school frequently enjoys.
Past students, present students, parents and the community - thank
you very much for your continued support and cooperation. God bless you.